About Us

My name is Doug, and I’ve been involved in the tabletop gaming hobby for nearly a decade now. After developing my personal gaming and hobby skills I am at that point where I really want to focus on giving back and inviting new people to join the hobby that we all love. For that reason I began the site 2+Tough, a small website that focuses on ways to get the most out of your miniature war-game.

2+ Tough Historyself
The site began with some very basic terrain tutorials, and then evolved into a small hobby blog. Next, I found the power in connecting people as I developed a player locator for games like Infinity and Kings of War. My passion then grew to develop the rich gaming communities around the world and lowering the barrier to entry for new players. Seeing my fellow gamers get the most out of their games gives me the highest level of joy. With that in mind I set out on a new adventure: creating amazing warzones to facilitate those games that make memories. Creating a visually stunning table and setting for your game is instrumental not only in getting the most out of your game, but in making each game a memorable experience. Enter the Clash Mat, the first product to be designed and produced by the 2+Tough team.

Clash Mat: Designs
While there are other Neoprene (mousepad material) mats on the market, the 2+Tough designs stand out in a few significant ways: Narrative driven designs, affordability and system variety. Imagine the greatest narrative campaign of your gaming career; you’re the defender of a lush world when your enemy strikes hard and fast, forcing you to retreat and secure your capital city. Those types of narratives bring out heroes, big and small and create epic games. Our initial design is the grass field, our next design is that of a city-scape; with a third mat acting as a transition between the two. This means you can have one continuous battlefield as the enemy strikes at your defenses (for your 40k apocalypse games) or use each mat in consecutive order for a series of campaign games. Use one, two or all three mats to create the narrative that best suits your game and warzone needs.

Clash Mat: Affordability
In regards to affordability, you deserve the highest quality of games at a price you can afford. Having excellent looking games will draw new players in and enhance the experience of veterans, so I firmly believe that every hobby group should have one. To that end you will always find a great deal on a high quality product with 2+Tough. In fact, delivering the best product possible is exactly why we plan on using Amazon as our primary selling platform; They have the resources and technical support to get your order in your hands as fast as possible and their postage rates allow us to pass that savings on to you. Amazon Prime members also receive free two day shipping, while non-prime members still get the peace of mind that they have tracking information and 24/7 customer support standing by in case there are any issues.

Clash Mat: Variety
The last point I really want to touch on is gaming system variety. A vast majority of game mat companies supply resources exclusive to games that use a 6X4 table. Being a smaller company allows us to rapidly produce quality gaming mats for a variety of game systems and table requirements. Currently on the docket are a series of 4X4 mats (for games like Warmachine, Age of Sigmar and many historical) and 3X3 mats (often used for Malifaux and Relic Knight). We believe that these smaller games deserve the same high quality gaming surfaces as the larger scale games they compete with. Every game has the chance to bring friends together and create memorable moments in your life, and having a great looking table for whatever game you play will facilitate those memories.

Live Your Passion
As we launch this into this next step into the hobby, I want to invite you to be a part of it with us. Whether or not you buy our products, you can participate by making the most of every game; by sharing your hobby and demonstrating why tabletop gaming is such a great community to be a part of. We want your games to be epic; that’s why these mats exist. Play great games on exciting tables, invite those around you to join the fun and share your passion with the world; that’s what we’re doing and we love every minute of it!