Age of Sigmar Lore: The Mortal Realms

Age of Sigmar Lore

Age of Sigmar Lore: An Introduction to the Mortal Realms


If you are new the Age of Sigmar and are getting caught up on the various lore elements, the video below is meant to be a great aid to help you understand the foundational ideas of the setting. Age of Sigmar is an extreme fantasy setting where just about anything is possible. Planetoids hover in the night sky, rivers of molten silver are heated by ancient beasts and mountains themselves are alive. This amazing world presents a phenomenal backdrop to the epic struggle taking place in them. The gods themselves are in a constant state of war, their mighty pantheon broken. Age of Sigmar lore is the events that take place in the Mortal Realms as Sigmar attempts to reunite the gods and fight back the onslaught of chaos.

When you approach the topic of Age of Sigmar lore there is one thing you must keep in mind. Anything can happen in the Mortal Realms. Treaties are made and broken, survivors form pockets of resistance and above all, the gods walk among the battlefield. Think of the setting like the pantheon of ancient Greece. These gods directly guide the Earth, they have personalities and unique abilities. Sigmar is the head of this pantheon and at the forefront of reconquest. If you wold like to read the source material for this video ( and a lot of the setting itself) you can click here. This book attempts to bridge the gap between 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles and the Age of Sigmar lore. However you decide to get your Age of Sigmar lore, you will likely find it to be a fantastic setting full of surprises and wonder! If this setting appeals to you, why not head over to our Getting Started page and find out how to join the battle today?