Age of Sigmar Lore: Khorne Bloodbound

The Khorne Blood-bound were established early in the narrative as one of the most deadly enemies the armies of Order would face. Every warriors is a crazed killer, dead set on attaining daemon-hood by pleasing their dark god. To join the Bloodbound mean eternal damnation, but also a chance at immortality. Warlords come and go, will you be the one to attain the title of Daemon Prince?


The lowest level of Blood Bound are the Blood Reavers, crazed maniacs with a singular purpose: Kill. If a warrior survives his time as a Reaver, Khorne my decide to bless them with unnatural strength and senses. These warriors rise in the ranks of the Bloodbound, taking on many roles during their ascendancy. Wrath-Mongers, Blood Warriors, Blood-Secrators and Lords of Khorne are just a few paths that a warrior can walk.