What is the Best Army in Age of Sigmar?


Best Army in Age of Sigmar

I was recently asked by a local player what the best army in Age of Sigmar is. Truthfully I always tell people not to worry about buying ‘The Best” as its far more important that you like the models you play. That being said, it got me thinking about which armies perform the best at this moment (8/8/16). In this video I delve into my thoughts about why Flesh Eater Courts is currently the reigning champion. Important note: There is not easy-win button. The game is new, Matched Play is just taking off and every Battletome that comes out will drastically change the meta. That all being said, Flesh Eater Courts has some serious game that you need to be aware of.

Getting Started

Click Here to see the Getting Started in Age of Sigmar Guide if you are new to the game altogether. A great place to start is with the brand new Flesh Eater Courts Start Collecting Box:

flesh eater courts box starts the best army in age of Sigmar
Best Army in Age of Sigmar? Absolutely!

This box is the perfect start to your collection as you get 10 crypt ghouls, 3 Crypt Horrors and a Ghoul King on Terrorgheist. Remember that in these kits you get all the bits to build alternative models. That means you can build the Ghoul King on a Zombie Dragon, you can also build 3 Crypt Flayers instead of Horrors and so on. This is one of the best values in the game simply based on the number of options open to you.

A very unique thing that GW did for this faction was the creation of new warscrolls by kitbashing existing kits. For example, there once was a kit that only made Crypt Horrors or Vargheists. Well with some really simple kitbashing, that same box makes Crypt Horrors, Vargheists, Crypt Flayers as well as unique courtiers (Powerful solos that cause unit regeneration as mentioned in the video). You buy the same kit, but your options have nearly tripled.

If you are brand new to the game I suggest building this kit exactly like the box suggests, these are all great units that you’ll want in your toolbox. Next I suggest buying a second of these but building as many of the solos (Courtiers) as possible, which should be 2 from the Crypt Horrors sprues and two from the ghouls. Leave a Ghoul King on Foot and build whatever monster you want. The point is, there is so much versatility in this box that you could realistically buy 3 of them before you start questioning the value of another. If this army interests you at all then this is a no-brainer!



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