Bonesplitterz Lore



Bonesplitterz Lore- Live the WAAGH!

Bonesplitterz Lore

Bonesplitterz lore is an exciting and often confusing topic. None con truly comprehend the mind of GorkaMorka, but his loyal Greenskin follows, the Bonesplitterz are his loyal servants. What drives them? What is the purpose of the WAAGH!? These are the questions we explore in the Bonesplitterz lore. What makes this army so amazing is that it acts on the tabletop exactly as it does in the stories. These are the crazed masses that win the day with numbers and aggression. anything less then mindless destruction or GorkaMorka simply will not do.

Children of the WAAGH!

Ferocity and devotion in equal parts are what makes up the Bonesplitterz lore. A Bonesplitterz WAAGH! is loosely organized into several formations know a “Rukks”. These Rukks all embody a different aspect of GorkaMorka and the wild nature of his spirit. The Bonesplitterz believe that the spirit of their deity resides in the bones and teeth of the largest and most wild monsters in the universe. To hunt these great beasts and take in their power is the prime act of worship in Boneslitterz lore.Whether you run the Brutal Rukk and go full speed into your opponent or destroy them with arrows from a Kunnin Ruk, you have all the tools for success at your disposal.


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