Bring the Lightning with these 5 different Stormcast Eternal Color Schemes

So you’ve bough your first Stormcast models and you have no idea what paint scheme you want to go with. Sound familiar? This kind of thing happens to us too, and with that we have collected some of the best designs of SE from around the web. Some of these will be a lot easier to do then others, but every one of them adds a wholly unique spin on a classic army. if you have a design would like added to the list, leave it in the comments below and I’ll put in in!

Going for a very classsic Stormcast look? Here’s a great goal to have or blending those golds!


A lot of people find a white color scheme very striking and I have to say, I agree!I like how the blue of the cloth and blood stains add that extra touch of color

If you are looking for a more monochrome look, these dark schemes are amazing.

Another one that keeps with the GW poster-boy scheme. Looks fantastic, Look at the color transitions on the weapons: nuts!

Yes, you’re bold… but are you, daring? This marble color scheme is off the charts!

This last guy has a very “Jade Kingdoms” theme, very original