Building A Thematic Khorne Army?

Thematic Khorne Army

Thematic Khorne Army


Building a Thematic Khorne Army

Building a truly thematic Khorne army can be surprisingly difficult given the narrative that drives Games Workshop’s favorite chaos god. To put it bluntly, Khorne despises magic and the wizards that use it. In previous iterations of the game this made thematic Khorne armies feel very one-dimensional. You basically ignored the entire magic phase and had to rely on melee might to win the day. Well Age of Sigmar has changed all of that! No longer do you have to simply run forward and punch your enemy; Khorne has a load of new tricks that set his models apart from the rest.

In this “Q from You” we will be exploring the various ways to build a thematic Khorne army that performs well on the tabletop. I cannot promise that you’ll win your next tournament, but you will have a great time at it! Remember that when you play a Khorne army you are really looking for the KHORNE and KHORNE MORTAL keywords. Building your army’s internal synergies around these keywords will turn your ordinary troops into living blenders. Interesting note: Khorne Bloodbound have the KHORNE MORTAL keyword, but if you take anything from the Slaves to Darkness faction and give it the KHORNE keyword then they also become KHORNE MORTALS. This means that these two sub-factions actually become the same when it comes to list building.

Focusing on list design we will tackle a few ways to really flesh out the ways to build a Khorne army. We will look a the “Bloodletter Bomb” which focuses primarily on daemons, a mortal-centric army which focuses on keyword synergies with Slaves to Darkness and lastly a narrative driven way to include wizards into your force. All of these different design ideas focus on maximizing your keyword synergies and maintaining the core theme of the army.