Beware, The Clan Pestilens Cometh!

Clan pestilenss skaven pestilens

Clan pestilens skaven pestilens


Are Clan Pestilens Any good?

Time for another “Q From You” where we take your questions and really dig into them. If you have a question you would like answered then head over to our YouTube channel, click “Subscribe” and leave it in the comments of any of our videos. All questions are answered in the order they are received! In this week’s video we will take a firm look at the Clan Pestilens sub-faction to see how it holds up in the mortal realms.

Clan Pestilens was one of the first sub-factions to get a full battletome after the launch of Age of Sigmar. Unfortunately back then Games Workshop did not put points, spell lore and unique command traits into every battletome. This means that the book as a whole suffers from its own age. I do, however, expect a full update when they release a general Skaven book at some point. This is not to say that Clan Pestilens cannot perform well now, but that there is far more to come in the future. As a whole, the faction can be summed up in the word: limited. These little plague mice offer some extremely fun and narrative driven gaming experiences but fall short of true competitive play due to their lack of model options and diversity. This review is taken from the perspective of playing a pure Clan Pestilens army, things change radically when you open it up to include other Skaven clans or chaos as a whole.  

Looking over the (few) warscrolls, you’ll quickly notice a theme. Lots of disposable troops supported by artillery with multiple priests sprinkled in for non-combative support. This formula works out really well for the army early game as you can put too many threats on the board for your opponent to deal with. Late game however, your models tend to evaporate so quickly that even contesting an objective is difficult. In the following video I’ll go into a lot more detail about what makes this faction so fun as well as a few tips to getting the most out of it. Let me be clear, this is an amazing faction that has some very cool tricks, watch the video and find out why you should be playing Clan Pestilens!