Dark Eldar 8th Edition- My 4 Favorite Units!

Dark Eldar 8th Edition- This is where the Drukhari get the love they’ve always needed! In this article we will dive into the real winners of the change to the new edition. Some off these units are here because they are absolute winners, others made the list because of just how are they came since the last edition. ┬áBefore beginning I want to make it clear that every unit in the Dark Eldar (drukhari) section is viable and good at it’s job. This is not meant to be a “Spam guide” but merely to point out some fantastic options that this army has available! You can check out the Start Collecting boxes for Warhammer 40k by clicking here!


Kabalite Trueborndark eldar 8th edition

I love the Kabalite Trueborn for any Dark Eldar 8th Edition army! These are essentially an “Elite” version of the lowly Kabalite warrior. In fact, the two units use the same models. So why go for the Trueborn? This unit has access to a monstrous amount of firepower. A five-man unit can see every model carry a special weapon of some kind. Now that every model in a unit can select a different target you can never make a bad choice. Want to have a unit go full anti-infantry? load them up with splinter cannons and shredders. Need to clear out some vehicles? Equip this unit with Blasters and Dark Lances. ┬áNo matter how you arm them, putting a five-man unit in a venom is a fantastic choice. The Dark Eldar 8th Edition open-topped vehicle rules mean that you never lose combat effectiveness when you move these guys around the board. You can check out more about the models by clicking this link!

Raiderdark eldar 8th edition raider

Few units have seen such a drastic improvement as the humble raider. Previously this was like flying in an empty beer can. Well the new rules in 8th edition have turned this from a simple transport into an ultra-fast gun platform. You get the best gun in the army (Dark lance) and an open-topped rule. Load up two units of Kabalite Trueborn (see above) and you can absolutely devastate whatever is in your way. Sure, this vehicle is still easy to destroy with some dedicated effort but it has come a long way in this edition. My advice: Use the speed to it’s full advantage. Pick your target, get your troops where they need to be and do not be afraid to fall back after delivering them. Remember, units with the FLY keyword can shoot after falling back! You can get one of these bad buys here!

Venomdark eldar 8th edition venom

The Venom has always been a fantastic unit for this army. What makes the Venom so goo in a Dark Eldar 8th edition army? Four things: A vehicle without a damage chart, Open-topped rules, speed and anti-infantry shooting. These four elements make the Venom a true threat on the table-top. Having two splinter cannons can devastate a large blob of infantry. Being able to transport a unit of Trueborn and let them fire out of it is even better! While it does not have a lot of wounds, the fact that it has no “wound damage chart” means that this model operates at peak efficiency until is finally explodes. Good to the last drop! You can get your Venom by clicking here!


Wracksdark eldar 8th edition wracks

Wracks used to sit in a very awkward place in the last edition. Unless they were in a dedicated Covens list, they didnt match the “Speed” theme of the Dark Eldar. Well that has changes in the new edition. These guys are still quicker then the basic infantry of most other armies. In addition, they really do present a viable tough unit in the Dark Eldar arsenal. Opponents do not always plan for a resilient enemy in Dark Eldar, but the Wracks can shrug off a significant amount of damage before being taken off the table. When you add things like a Haemonculus to the mix, the toughness of Wracks only magnifies. Get your Wracks here!



While this is by no means a complete list, these four units really stand out in this edition. What is interesting is that each of the infantry choices here (Wracks and Kabalites) can quickly be deployed in the other two choices, being transports. If you are looking for a fast way to beef up your army and give it some devastating power, look at these units in detail.