Dark Eldar Start Collecting Box Review

Dark Eldar Start Collecting

Do you have a need for speed? Do you yawn when driving 110 mph? Do you want to have the best guns in the game and strap them to empty beer-can vehicles? Then getting into Dark Eldar (now Drukhari) is right for you! Seriously though, this is a fantastic Start Collecting Box for the Dark Eldar and gives you a true flavor for the army. In the video below we will explore the contents of this Start Collecting box and dive into each unit. We will explore how you can equip each unit (Archon, Reavers, Kabalites and the Raider) and what purpose they serve on the battlefield. What makes this box unique is that you actually get a fully functional army: Kabalite warriors can be taken as two units of 5 warriors, so you have an HQ and two troops choices. This means that you have a perfect way to dip your toe into the army without a lot of investment.


Another important note of discussion is the ways that this box can be built. Not only can you build two units of Kabalite Warriors, but you can also use them as Kabalite Trueborn (making them an elite choice). Really my point is just how much versatility you get in this box. My two criteria for a successful starter box are: 1) does it give you a sense of how the army plays and 2) Does is give you a good start of model to build this army. I can say without hesitation that this one of the best Start Collecting boxes for those two reasons. This box will provide you with some great foundational models to any Dark Eldar army and a true taste of what it is like to play as them. If you are looking for a way to expanding I suggest buying a second box then moving into your favorite flavor of Dark Eldar (covens, wych cults etc.). If you would like a solid review of each start collecting box, head over here!




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