Gather ‘Round For A Ghastly Tale From The Flesh Eater Courts

The Flesh Eater Courts are one of the most fascinating forces in the Mortal Realms! In this video, we hit some key points on what sets them apart from other armies.

We start with a dramatic reading from the battledome, followed by a discussion on the origins of the Flesh Eater Courts and the Carrion King. Then, we bring the lore to the present by talking about how a court grows and evolves. Finally, the video ends by talking about the actions relation to the Lord of Death himself, Nagash.

Intro Copy
“Listen well to the tale of the rotskin king and his darksome court. From the weft and weave of war he came, claws scrabbling over fallow fields, thick with crawling flies and milky-eyed dead. Alongside the fine king, his lordly courtiers did prance, scenting the air with morbid smells. Pale of skin and wild of eyes are they, seeking out the promise of riches to be had, they danced a jaunty path through the grave digger’s garden.

“What blade and axe had planted, hungry claws harvested for their king and his subjects. The foolish and the desperate heeded the dark king’s call, starving wretches eager to sell their souls, impatient for a chance to partake in the king’s table of fleshly morsels. For a full belly they came, their minds already embracing the king’s madness, only to live a day longer.

“Maybe they knew, and maybe not, but to take even a bite from the creature’s plate was to be forever damned. Where once stood fair and honest peoples, there now were servants of the rotskin king. Reason, like a setting sun, faded from their eyes, replaced with an endless night of madness. And so the court grew and grew, it’s hissing, cackling courtiers herding a tide of fresh-made ghouls. Those who sought to thwart or hide from them met the same fate. All were overwhelmed by the frenzied cannibals caught up in the delusion of their master.”

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