Gaming Mats by Clash Mats

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Gaming Mats By Clash Mat

As hobbyists we spend a lot of time building, collecting and painting our models. So why play on a blank tabletop when you can bring those games to life? Clash Mats are highly detailed gaming services that make every game an immersive narrative event. Whether your armies clash on icy tundras, deep in the jungles or in the land of the dead itself, you’ll want to create the most immersive gaming experience possible. Each gaming mat is a water resistant gaming surface made from high quality neoprene, which is similar to “Mouse-pad” material. This structure provides a non-slip gaming service that is soft enough to keep your models safe if they fall over in game-play. Protect your hard work and take it to the next level! All gaming mats will come with a black carrying case for easy transport to your local club. To provide even more value we want you to have a free gift: Each gaming mat has an associate PDF tutorial on how to match your bases and terrain to the match of your purchase. You can make your army look like it truly belongs on the battlefield with these amazing gaming mats. Stay tuned or more designs on the horizon. In the meantime, like our Facebook page (which you can find on the right side of the screen) for exclusive discounts and product announcements.

Deadlands Game Mat


We are so excited to finally announce our first game mat, hot off the press and making it’s way to an amazon store near you! These mats are made from high quality, non-slip neoprene with a water resistant finish, so go ahead and grab your favorite drink before the game. Right now we have a Deadlands design up and running, on a 6 x 4 foot mat. We have plans for other aesthetics in the works, as well as other sizes for games on a smaller scale. Sign up on our email list to receive some amazing discounts and announcements about future mats and products.

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