Welcome to 2+Tough, my name is DeGriggs and I’m so glad your here! Below you’ll find everything to introduce you to the wold of Infinity, the 28mm miniature game by Corvus Belli which is booming in popularity. If you are completely new or just looking to learn more about Infinity, click the New Players Guide below; in there you’ll find some great resources about the game and the factions within it. After that, hop on over to our Player Locator and find a local gaming group near you to try a demo and get plugged. Like us on Facebook to receive more great content right in your news feed, thank you for stopping by!

Infinity Player Locator 

Click here and sign up for the Infinity Player Locator to find a gaming group and supporting store near you! Its totally free and requires no information, just use a forum name or your preffered contact method to get gaming with folks near you!

 New Player Series

A New Players Guide to Infinity

What are Sectorials?

Infinity for Warmachine Players


Paper Terrain for Infinity

Is Infinity a Cheap Game?

What are Sectorials?

Infinity for Warmachine Players


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