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Infinity Resource Guide

Infinity Resource Guide

What is Infinity the Game?

Hello and welcome to the Infinity the Game Resource Page, where it’s all about Infinity, the 28mm sci-fi combat game from Corvus Belli. By way of introduction I want to say that my name is DeGriggs and I love Infinity and its community. As I surf the forums and ask online (and in person) the number one set of questions I encounter is “What is Infinity” and “How do I get started?”. To address this and do my best to add to the community I wanted to put together the macdaddy of “Getting Started” material!

Infinity rulebook second edition cover
Corvus Belli has fantastic artists

Would I Like Infinity the Game?

I don’t know how you heard of Infinity, but right now your thinking “What the heck is this?!”. At the most basic level Infinity is a skirmish level miniature wargame where small teams of veteran soldiers fight to achieve specific objectives and deny the enemy from doing the same; it’s a game about strike force combat, where sci-fi soldiers of the future fight for information on quick and decisive battlefields.

To begin I want to touch on the aspects of the game that separate Infinity from the more popular miniature wargames out there. Infinity requires a lot of terrain, so if you like those large and open battlefields where you can just mow down the enemy, this is not the game for you. Infinity is all about cover, and using firing lanes to your advantage; as such, a large amount of terrain is required and really adds to the fun of the game.

If you like games with massive armies and vehicles clashing against one another, this is not the game for you. If you like the thematic idea of a small team of highly trained specialist soldiers doing the dirty work behind the scenes, then this is right up your alley. To give you a visual, consider 40k like the movie Troy (large-scale warfare with tons of dudes) and Infinity like Black Hawk Down (just a handful of soldiers with a single objective: survive).

Infinity requires you to be able to change your plans on the fly and react to your opponents every move (literally) to further your own agenda. It’s a game that rewards the tactical minded and punishes the player who cannot think fluidly. Lastly, Infinity is a game of great cinematic moments; you’re pretty much playing an action movie and some of the situations you can find yourself in will have you laughing with friend for weeks afterwards.

Operation Ice Storm set contents
The Operation: Ice Storm set includes everything here

How Do I Start Playing This Game?

Before anything else, watch as many games as possible, check out this link to for a huge list of them. Ideally, I suggest you find a few guys already playing and ask for a quick demo.  Join the forums here and in the “User” section introduce yourself and where your at, and sign up for the Player Locator here so folks can find a store near you to walk you through the game.



Tom Schadle Painting
Amazing work by Tom Schadle

What Does an Infinity Army Look Like?

Infinity varies from other games greatly in what a table ready force looks like. Warhammer 40k has a large number of troops, each unit having a specific purpose (the same can be said of certain Warmachine  army lists). In Infinity you really have to stop thinking of it as an “army” and more like your “team”. Think of it like baseball; In baseball you get 9 players to make your team. Of those nine you need some who are good at specific tasks (batting, catching, pitching etc.), but every player knows how to play baseball, and the rules to succeed in it. Likewise in Infinity, your force will have specialists (Hackers, remotes, snipers etc.) but every model on the table is a deadly and highly trained soldier.

nomad force sectorial
A force of Nomads

A typical force runs between 8 and 13 models, though that’s an average. The typical faction starter box has 6 models in it, so you’ll be well on your way to a playable force if you go that route. As with many miniature wargames, each model in Infinity has a points cost (the amount of resources the model requires to put on the battlefield). A standard tournament game of Infinity runs 300 points, and here is a free list builder to get you there. List Building will seem overwhelming at first due to the sheer variety of options, but every starter set can form a great team. I cannot stress enough what a great value the starter sets are for the number of models in relation to their cost and the value in having a prebuilt list to ease you into the game. To keep it basic here though, every list has a lieutenant (Your leader that you REALLY want to keep hidden) and the rest of your team is whatever deadly soldiers you put in it.


aridna troops in firing position
Artist unknown but is amazing


To make the game extremely unique, Infinity the Game has a game mechanic known as ARO (Automatic Response Order). To put it simply, every time your opponent performs an action in the game you get a chance to react to it. This mechanic is the reason behind Corvus Belli’s tagline “It’s always your turn”, because you are constantly engaged in the game and making choices that will drastically effect the outcome. Players will find games to be quick, brutal and engaging; your sure to have stories for weeks about the crazy things that happen as you react to your opponent in “Real-time” compared to the standard I-go-you-go system of most other games.

Infinity is always played with a scenario in mind: this isn’t a game of open combat where the goal is to kill the opponent. Think of scenarios are your primary mission (Hack that computer, defend this room etc.) and your opponent is trying to foil those plans. Since different scenarios require and favor different troops I suggest you and your gaming group pick one scenario and play it exclusively while you learn to use your starter boxes; then when your comfortable, switch it up.


Forces of Infinity

pan o symbolPanOceania

-The rich poster-boys with all the toys-

Why Would I Play PanOceania?

If you want access to all the high tech toys that make this game’s setting unique, you want Pan-O. To represent their financial wealth and vast depths of technology, players can use a larger then normal amount of TAGs an REMs.

Whats Their Story?Aquila-Guard

75 years from now Earth launched the Ariadna through a wormhole in the attempt to colonize a new world. Well Ariadna went through, but immediately lost all communication and was pronounced destroyed; the economic ripple effect of so much money and resources lost sent the world’s current superpowers into economic collapse. the U.S., Canada, most of Europe and India were all in a pretty rough spot. At this point a union comprised of Australia/New Zealand and Indonesia bought out that debt, essentially making one massive, ocean spanning union; and PanOceania was born. They are a massive force, both technologically and economically with the weapons and tools to back it up.

How Do They Look And Play?PanO Starter

Pan-O has a lot of varied aesthetics; the most eye catching is often the Aquilla Guard. The starter set does a great job of displaying the different aesthetics within the faction. Everyone looks very uniform, very clean and has on a lot of the state of the art gear that makes Pan-O the super power that it is.

PanOceania has a much higher then normal access to remotes, TAGS and other technologically advanced units; all with a slightly lower point cost to represent the proliferation of this technology within their ranks. Whats the draw back to having the best toys on the market? Well, Pan-O tends to struggle with WIP (Willpower). That means that any actions that require a WIP roll can get real hairy, real fast. Having a weakness to their WIP can really hurt in specific objectives and is a shortcoming that you have to be prepared for.

Here is an overview of the PanOceania Starter Box


YuJing LogoYu Jing

-Amazing Techno-Ninjas-

Why Would I Play Yu Jing?

Despite being as advanced as Pan-O, Yu Jing focuses on the traditional discipline of its warriors. Essentially that discipline takes the form of experienced troops that use traditional weapons such as the sword. Yu Jing also boasts some of the fastest heavy infantry and amazing melee combat abilities. Combined with their top tier tech, Yu Jing is a force to be reckoned with!

What’s their Story?SunTzeFrontLeft

After the massive economic collapse that I spoke about earlier, China stepped in to buy out Japans debt and essentially annex it. By this time China has forgone their communist beliefs and using it’s vast resources and technology formed Yu Jing, the Asia spanning super country that alone can claim to be a true rival of PanOceania. The people once known at the Japanese are now second class citizens in a culture that demands the greatest tech and still holds traditional values like honor.

Yu Jing uses it’s incredible resources to directly compete with its only real rival; PanOceania. To that end, Yu Jing has made incredible advances in close combat weapon technology and TAG suits that do not minimize the users maneuverability. They are quick, deadly and well supported by discipline and technology: they are Yu Jing.

How Do They Look And Play?

Yu Jing have one of the most distinct aesthetics in the game, and it’s easy to see why. Yes, they use the same type of weaponry as everyone else, but take a look as some of their TAGS and remotes; there’s nothing quite like them. They obviously have a very traditional asian influence on their armor and that kind of flavor is what really makes them stand out on the battlefield.yu jing starter

If you haven’t gotten the gist of Yu Jing by reading above, I’ll say it plainly: Yu Jing is a master of maneuverability and close combat. They have to money to make TAGS affordable their remotes are even great. To that end, their heavy infantry are off the hook levels of awesome. A 4-4 move on a massive mechanized ninja? Yes please! Use that speed to surround your enemy and strike them hard and fast with target priority.

Here is an overview of the Yu Jing Starter Box

Haqqislam IconHaqqIslam

-Humanists and Warriors in Harmony-

Why Would I Play HaqqIslam?

HaqqIslam is the new, reinvented Islam that focuses on humanism and life sciences. They have a massive grip on the interstellar trade route and use the demand for their services to their advantage. They have some of the best doctors on the battlefield and the specialists to get the job done.

What’s their Story?equna2u9 (1)

At some point in mankind’s colonization of the stars the humanist Islamic sect known as HaqqIslam (Literally “New Islam”) went out to find a new world to peacefully practice their religion on. As time went on the religion evolved to involve the complicated study of life sciences, eventually developing a product called Silk which is able to download and reload a human consciousness. Capitalizing on Silk, HaqqIslam has asserted itself as a major player in the Human Sphere. Their doctors are highly sought after and their network of galactic trade routes keep humanity functioning.

Haqqislam has become a huge support piece in keeping the Human Sphere functional and are rewarded for it in money and technology. Lacking the resources to build  a lot of complicated machinery such as remotes, HaqqIslam focuses on the development of their infantry and biological research to keep themselves protected. Make no mistake, the humanist HaqqIslam nation is no slouch in combat, and the have the resources and willpower to get the job done right.

How Do They Look And Play?haqqislam starter

Haqqislam’s aesthetic os reminiscent of our modern desert warfare; both in color and the practicality of their armor. You’ll find that HI troops are lightly armored, fairly mobile and have a lot of flavor to them; to that end, check out the Kum (pronounced “Coom”) Bikers.

On the table-top the best thing about Haqqislam is the generally high willpower (WIP) of its troops. This means you doctors (among other specialists) are the best around. You’ll have some excellent light infantry and will often field a higher then normal number of troops. HaqqIslam has some strong remotes and TAGs, but you’ll find that they have a fairly high price tag (in points) to field. One unit that stands out is the Lasiq Viral Sniper, who exemplifies the power of life science when it’s turned against an enemy; your opponent rolls double damage dice when shot with this weapon. Use WIP and the cost efficiency of your troops to win the day and crush your enemy

Here is an overview of the HaqqIslam Starter Box.



Nomads LogoThe Nomads

-Mad Scientists and Rogue Geniuses-

Why Would I Play Nomads?

The Nomads are a faction with an immense amount of character and options, with access to a lot of TAGs (yay big robots!) and some of the best hackers around. In addition to that, Nomads have a great backstory and the ability to wreck their enemies with digital warfare.

What’s their Story?nomad tag

After the economic collapse following the loss of the Ariadna humanity developed a powerful artificial intelligence known as ALEPH to help balance humanity’s economy and daily systems. A great deal of scientists and free thinkers saw the danger of letting an AI run humanity and left Earth as a result. The Nomads reside in three massive ships were they are free to study and develop their rogue technologies without the interference of ALEPH.

Life in space has bred a crafty and crude civilization who view the freedom of their technology as the key to their success. Fiercely loyal and anti-authoritarian at the same time give the Nomads their unique identity. Misfits, pirates and mad scientists are all welcome with the Nomads as they circle the galaxy taking what resources they need in an effort to remain free of ALEPH and the authority it represents.

How Do They Look And Play?nomad starter set

The Nomads have a wide range of aesthetics to match their range of beliefs and motivations. Some soldiers reflect their heritage while others push technology to the limit by entombing themselves in giant mechanized armor suits. It’s hard to pin down one true aesthetic for the army, which frankly is a look altogether. The varied troop types and aesthetics add to the flavor this army.

On the table The Nomads have some incredible hackers and TAGs. They are an army that favors denial, that is, the ability to deny your opponents plans while furthering your own. Individual troops tend to be fragile but with so many tricks up your sleeve you’ll rarely find that to be the source of your troubles. Look at what your opponent is trying to do and find a way to much it up, the  snatch victory right from under them that is how the Nomads do it.

Here is an overview of the Nomads Starter Box


Ariadna LogoAriadna

-Warriors Of The Future-Past, Unite!-

Why Would I Play Ariadna?

Because you love the underdog, with an emphasis on the dog. Also becuase you want to play a sci-fi game about future warfare and yet somehow live in the past. Lastly, you want to show off your patriotism and kick some corporation’s tail with some “ancient” weapons and tactics just to shame them.

What’s their Story?DevilDogFace

If you’ve been reading the small history sections for the factions above, you’d notice that a lot of horrible things went down when the Ariadna was lost in space. Presumed destroyed, the Ariadna did in fact make it to its destination only to find that the initial probes did not report how harsh the planet was. Being all alone in this hostile environment made the passengers of the Ariadna develop into a hardy and strong willed people. Despite being all alone, old rivalries developed and the multiple nations( U.S., Russia etc.) that formed the crew of the Ariadna split up once again. A new foe presented itself in the Antipode, a dog-like species of the planet which has the ability to infect humans; changing them into wolf like hybrids.

The survivors of Ariadna had no idea that the planet that fiercely sought to destroy them was actually incredibly rich in rare natural resources. After being rediscovered by the Human Sphere larger factions like PanOceania and Yu Jing wanted to exploit their planet and resources until the Ariadnans refused, citing that the Human Sphere gave up on them long ago and had no entitlement to the resources on their planet. Despite being behind the curve in regards to technology, the forces of Ariadna are a powerful force that demand a place in the galaxy while still trying to catch up to it.

How Do They Look And Play?

ariadna starterAriadna has a range of incredibly beautiful miniatures that feature a strong modern military aesthetic. Each sectorial has a very distinct look while all being easily identifiable as an Ariadna model. They have a very interesting point of view as they are futuristic technology for us, but 100 years below the curve for the games setting.

On the table, Ariadna has scores of cheap light infantry who excel at laying traps and basic camouflage techniques; making them abundant (cheap in points so you ca field a lot of them) and harder to hit. They have no heavy infantry at all, unless you include the massive werewolf like soldiers that they use as shock troops. Much like the Nomads, Ariadna is a faction of tricks, using skills, numbers and brute force to win the day.

Combined Army LogoCombined Army

Aliens Looking To Assimilate Humanity Into The Fold

Why Would I Play Combined Army?

There is just something fun about playing the bad guy. The Combined Army is a collection of alien species with the focus of absorbing the knowledge of other races for their own gain.

What’s their Story?Morat Troop

Far away a collection of alien species realized that eventually the universe would die as the laws of physics dictate. In order to preserve life they set out to find a way for an intelligent life to evolve to form of pure energy, thus granting them immortality. To do this they built an Artificial Intelligence, which eventually found the solution… only to claim that the Combined Army wasn’t worthy of transcendence and promptly left them.

The Combined then built a second AI, but who was more concerned with the preservation of its creators. This new AI has yet to find a way to achieve transcendence and hungers for more information throughout the galaxy to solve the only puzzle it exists to answer. To this end, the Combined Army is constantly seeking, learning from and conquering new civilizations among the stars. Very recently an expeditionary force stumbled upon he Human Sphere and in those few initial engagements is where the setting of Infinity begins.

How Do They Look And Play?combined-starter

Much like the Nomads, the Combined Army has multiple aesthetics going through it, though each is more distinct. There are several alien races represented and each have a fantastic model line to back them up. The Morats are the red skinned gorilla-like warriors, the Shasvastii are the stealthy tricksters who use subterfuge to win the day.There are other species represented but those are the two most dominant ones.

On the table the Combined army is a more elite force, with individual troops having a higher cost but also more utility. Instead of numbers, these guys use special rules and technology to even things out. Also, while there are sectorials that use the Morats and Shasvastii separately, they work extremely well together as the tools of one can shore up the weaknesses of the other.


The Possibly Rogue A.I.

Why Would I Play ALEPH?

Because you love order, and being the one to enforce it. ALEPH functions as the “Big Brother” of the Infinity universe, doing its best to keep the daily functions of humanity running while always trying to repel the alien intelligence that the Combined Army represents.

What’s their Story?Aleph Deva

After the economic collapse following the loss of the Ariadna, humanity realized the need for a single and unified control of the Human Sphere to keep things even keeled. Their solution was ALEPH, an advanced artificial intelligence that governs an incredible range of human needs; from daily operations, stocks and worm-hole travel. Aleph has the control over just about everything and is monitored by the O-12, the human council that makes sure that ALEPH stays under control and acts in the best interest of humanity. The question then becomes “Who is really in control?” they council or the intelligence they are sworn to control?

ALEPH has developed its own small assault force to further the protection of humanity, only intervening when the actions of a few would upset the delicate balance it seeks to protect. To do this, ALEPH has created a number of artificial consciouses based on historical warriors and leaders to carry out its agenda. The number one threat to ALEPH is the Combined Army, and ALEPH may be the only one sees just how much of a danger to humanity this new force represents.

How Do They Look And Play?Aleph Starter

Ever seen Ghost in the Shell? They look like some of the more hard-core anime that may have drawn you to the game. The main aesthetics are sleek looking robots and what are called “Post-Humans”; human bodies that have been robotically enhanced and have a new mind downloaded into them.

On the table ALEPH is the most elite faction out there. Every model costs more then its closest counterpart in other factions, but also brings more to the table. ALEPH has all the toys; visors, relays hackers, guns etc. If you want a small elite force in a game thats all about small elite forces, ALEPH is for you. The main key to victory is getting the most out of every model; really research and test all the special effects you have available to you.

Tohaa IconTohaa

A Shadowy Race, Can They Be Trusted?

Why Would I Play Tohaa?

Tohaa are the new shiny faction on the market and the second alien species humanity has come across in the galaxy. They have a smaller model range and relay on tricks, stealth and guile to win the day. To play with Tohaa is a puzzle in using your unique rules and technology to great effect.

What’s their Story?tohaa-gorgos

Not long after bumping into the Combined Army humanity then met another race trying to fight the CA, the Tohaa. The Tohaa appear friendly and likeminded, until humanity took a wider look at their strategy for facing the CA. You see, it appears to some that the Tohaa are essentially using the Human Sphere as a meat-shield to throw in the Combined Army’s way. This raises a lot of question about just how friendly the Tohaa are, and what their endgame is.

Despite having some seriously questionable ethics, the Tohaa have proven themselves to get the job done when its needed, thus continuing the tenuous relationship with humanity. They are the acquaintance that you can never quite trust enough to be your friend; you just know there is more going on then they let you know about. For this reason humanity will work in conjunction with the Tohaa on occasion, but never fully embrace them as equals.

How Do They Look And Play?tohaa starter

The Tohaa are another alien race with a unique aesthetic and forgo traditional armor in favor of symbiotic armor, a living suit to protect its wearer. in addition to that, the Tohaa are masters of biological weapons and technology with the knowledge of how to make devastating viral weapons. The fact that everything they use and interact with is a living entity in it’s own right gives the Tohaa an incredibly original look.

On the table, the Tohaa play a lot like a sectorial army for one of the bigger factions. They have access to less troop options and original rules for fire teams and weapons. They excel at using light infantry to shoot above their weight class in coordinated assaults and have the specialists to make a good backbone. Many troops will have multiple roles in a list and learning to use each troop to his full potential is the key to victory.