So you think you know Nurgle in AOS?

Nurgle in Ascendancy


Nurgle armies are the topic of today’s “Q From You”!. We will tackle how these armies unction individually and then together. In short, this is an amazing army theme and if built properly, can be a devastating force on the tabletop. You can learn all about the Start Collecting box for Nurgle Daemons on this page. If you have a question that you’d like answered, be sure to leave it in the comments over on Youtube and we will get to it in the next video.

Nurgle Armies in Action

Nurgle Rotbringers are a somewhat limited sub-faction with nearly every choice being a leader. Conversely, Daemons of Nurgle is an army of summon-able units with no wizards. While both of these factions have devastating weaknesses separately, when you put them together an amazing thing happens. Daemons provide Rotbringers with the troop variety and mobility they need. In a similar fashion, Rotbringers have the wizards that the Daemons crave for. The two armies work in perfect harmony! What makes these armies so great is that they can play exactly as they act in the stories. This means you can develop a fun, narrative based army that is still effective on the tabletop. Armies should utilize the summoning rules to the best of their abilities, throw those Plague-bearers onto objectives and tie up the enemy with Plague Drones. The key to success is mitigating the army’s weakness: Low speed. Throwing models far forward by summoning them will help to cover it.