Q From You: How To Build A Skeleton Army

Hey again, war gamers, today on 2+ Tough we have the privilege and honor of answering one of your questions! I love getting feedback from you guys, so please feel free to leave a comment either on the video below or in the comments on facebook. Just, ya know. Don’t be a jerk. Moving on. Today we’re going to tackle all things Skeleton Army related. The question posed to me here at 2+ Tough was simply, “How To Build A Skeleton Army.”

The video below is going to focus on the awesome aesthetic of the Skeleton Army, what their major strengths are (including numbers and mobs) and what some weaknesses may be, (such as building a freaking ton of tiny models). We’ll also discuss how to most effectively play this army in the game. Later on, I’ll discuss some specific rules and possible model combinations, why it matters, and how they can help you!

What other models work with the Skeleton Army? Glad you asked! We’ll learn all about the advantages of having a hero such as the Wight King nearby and how giving him a banner really turns things up to 11. Plus, see how the gameplay changes when using grand alliance vs. death rattle. Once the infantry is built and supported, who can you add? Morghast Archai? Black Knights? Arkhan The Black?

Confession: I’ve gotten my teeth kicked in from many a Skeleton Army. I applaud those of you willing to put forth the time and effort to build and paint all of those models!