Necron Start Collecting Box Review

Necron start collecting

The ancient Necrons awake from their millennia of rest to find a galaxy at war. Will you take control of  a mighty dynasty and reclaim the stars for yourself? This is an incredible army and the transition to the current edition treated them well. In this box you will receive one Necron Overlord, twelve Necron Warriors, three Scarab Swarms and one Triarch Stalker. This set provides a diverse array of models that will help any new player get into the game. The Necron start collecting box stands as one of the best boxes to describe the army it contains. By that I mean you can get a great idea of how this army plays based on the contents of this box. In the video below we will dive into the contents of the box. We will review the individual units you get and have a great discussion on where to develop the army from here. If you are new to the site, click “Subscribe” on youtube to have more great content sent right to you. You can also see an overview of each start collecting box here.