Paper Terrain for Infinity the Game

Paper Terrain


Paper Terrain

Infinity is an awesome game but requires a substantial amount of terrain to play well. If your holding out to buy that MDF terrain, please use some of the paper terrain below. Always remember to print on card-stock (Available at your local craft store) to create stronger and longer lasting terrain. If you’ve found this page just browsing for paper terrain, welcome! Have a look around the site and see why Infinity is the best miniatures game on the market now. Note, I do not take credit for making these. The terrain you see here is from around the web for free and I simply compiled it as a resource for you.


When designing your first few tables, it’s important to learn the balance between too much and too little terrain. There is a great article on the subject that you can find here. Essentially, you want enough terrain to keep long range weapons (Sniper Rifles) fair, but not too much that all combat is close ranged (So the Shotgun has an advantage). The balance can be hard to find at times, but you’ll notice the more you play the more your terrain choice will seem to balance out.


Paper Terrain Shipping Containers

These shipping containers are easily assembled and stacked to create a fantastic battle scene. Use them to create firing lanes, multi-level maps and general LOS blocking. If shipping containers like these are the bulk of your terrain, I would consider making 20 or more to fill the board and add flavor to it.

Cerberus Container WY-Container Umbrella-Corp Continer UAC-Container-1024x723 Soylent-1024x723 Skynet-Container RDA-Container-1024x723 NRF-Container-1024x723 MNU-1024x723 CocaCola-1024x723















Paper Terrain Vehicles

What if you don’t want to fight in a shipping yard? I’ve been able to create some amazing boards using these vehicle templates below. With these PDFs you can build a fantastic looking base for your troops to navigate through and stil retain the necessary LOS blocking that Infinity requires.

Chicharra is a small recon flier, great for mid size LOS blocking

samsara is a large all terrain vehicle, perfect for troop transport or mining equipment

Pluton Nero also called “The Chickenhawk) is a midsize spacecraft for 1-2 pilots

uhv2000 walrus acts as multi-purpose hovercraft for troop transporting

Yellow Jacket Tank is a massive tank that look great on the battlefield.