Infinity Player Locator

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Here it is, the Infinity Player Locator you’ve been waiting for 🙂

Here’s how to use it.

Pin Example
I have my forum name as my “name” and my usual game shop as well as an invitation to get some games in.

1.) Scroll down and throw a pin at your location. If using a mobile device, hold your device sideways; Use your username as your  “Name” and in the text field below add your preferred method of contact. Don’t be too specific on your address, just give your town, state, country etc.


2.)Place a pin from the “Retailer” category to promote your local store or any place you know of where a new player can get into the hobby. Also, you can describe the store you are at in your description if you would like to.

3.) Scroll around your area to find a player and gaming group near you!

4.) Please send me a pic of people you’ve found through using the Player Locator, it’s a huge encouragement and I’ll put you all on the front page of the site and enter you into any contests we have!

Lastly, if you mistype your information or have any trouble creating your pins, please email me at DeGriggs@twoplustough(.com) and I’ll get right to you, thank you all for making this hobby so great!