Product Review: Feldherr 72 model case

Recently I picked up the Feldherr case for 72 models (including tanks) that comes in a simple cardboard case. Here is a link to it on Amazon, which is where I found it. When I was looking to pick up another mini case I decided to check out Feldherr as frankly, they are pretty cheap (especially on Amazon) and I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket. I’ll go into more detail below, but if you are just looking for some highlights:

open boxPic of case


-High quality foam (firm and still flexible)

-Low Cost

-Available Worldwide (Thanks Amazon!)

-Pluck Foam (For bigger models) is easy to pull apart


-The box container is of low quality

-Cut outs for models may not be the size you need


Going Deeper:

Upon opening the shipping box I was greeted with this:

pic in wrapping


Great packaging (shipping, that is) starts me off with a high opinion. The box itself was well wrapped in plastic and arrived at my door in perfect condition. Opening up the case, however, I was immediately met with my first gripe: the plastic handle. As you can see below you are given a really simple handlebar setup that uses the holes in the forward portion of the box to assemble.


The problem is that the measurements in the plastic leave it so loose that the handle will often pop out the second it’s touched. I was able to fix this pretty simply enough by taking some scotch tape and closing off some of the space which the handlebar has to move through. I took a pictured of this below but it didn’t turn out well as the tape is clear. I went and highlighted the taped areas in blue. Closing off some of that space will prevent the ends of the handle from passing through it’s mount and therefore, keep it locked in place. Before you put a single model in this case I highly suggest doing this.

Handle problem 2 Handle problem

Another thing that I realized is just how thin the cardboard is. Now I knew going into this purchase that I wasn’t going to get the highest quality in model transports, but the cardboard that this thing is made of is not much thicker then cardstock. This really isn’t an issue if you plan on using this for model storage, but for transportation this case is going to fall apart to wear and tear really quickly. I’ve only taken it to my local game store three times and already I can see the corners begin to fray. This isn’t a huge deal since the real value of the case is the foam, but I wanted to at least mention it. Thankfully, Feldherr has better cases for sale that use the same size of foam trays, so this makes a good starting point for a future investment into carrying your models.


Now it’s time to dig into the main event: The foam! Let’s be honest, this is the real reason you bought this, and you won’t be disappointed. Feldherr foam is firm enough to hold your models in place yet flexible enough to wiggle in those models with lots of spiky bits on them. The width of the single models spaces is certainly tight on models with 32mm bases, which unfortunate (for owners of this foam) is becoming more popular. I’m thinking this case more designed more for fantasy models back in the day; I tried some 25mm square bases and they fit like a dream. Despite being a tight fit, I have to say that Ive managed to stuff some pretty bulky stuff in there with ease. As with all foam, be gentle and work your model into its space, simply pushing down with too much pressure will break your model, no matter who made the foam. Here are a few shots of the foam, along with some models to give you a size reference.

model example Thickness example

Final Word

So what’s the final verdict? To be honest I think this case is perfect for a new hobbyist. The quality foam can be moved over to a better case as the cardboard box it comes in wears out, which means it’s a cheap setup that you can grow into. The foam does an excellent job of protecting minis, provided the handle is rigged so that the case does not open. I would also highly recommend this case if you simply need model storage rather then transportation. If you just need some foam to throw models in and put on a shelf, you can’t go wrong as the lack of hard use negates the poor quality of the cardboard. However if you are looking for a one-stop transport solution, keep looking. Feldherr has several case designs that all provide a higher quality case with the same great foam. The handle is a major issue and the weakness of the cardboard means this case (if using right out of the box with no mods) has a pretty limited lifespan. No matter how careful you are, that cardboard is just going to wear out due to how thing it is. Like most things in life, it’s all about what you are looking for in a product. All things considered, I’d rate this particular case design at a 3.5/5.