Are You Ready To Magnetize Models?

Magnetizing model miniature magnets

Magnetize models miniature magnets

Magnetize Models With Magsavvy

Does your army sport a ton of weapon options? Do you find yourself digging through your bits bin before a game for too long? Have you ever gotten the polarity wrong on your magnetization project? Magsavvy has the answer for you. These high quality neodymium magnets are strong enough to handle any miniature project and have the polarities marked so you never make another mistake. How does this work? On every single Magsavvy magnet one side has a big red dot which denotes its polarity. Hold one red side to a blank end and you’ll feel just how strong these magnets are!

Here is a scenario to really show off the utility of these magnets: You want to fully magnetize the weapon options for a team of three Tau Crisis Suits from Games Workshop. Here is what you do, magnetize the arms and shoulder with the red dot showing. Next, magnetize every weapon option you want with the blank side showing. Now you can be sure that every weapon option works for every Crisis Suit. No more mismatched magnets or weapons that only adhere to a single model. By using the Magsavvy magnet system you can turn your bits box into a full armory, ready for action!

Each box of magnets comes sealed up in a well packed box for safe transport and includes a matching drill bit. No matter what your next project is, Magsavvy has the right magnets for you! If you would like to get your hands on a pack of magnets, head over to the store and get the size that’s right for you. We ship just about anywhere and will get them in the mail immediately. It’s never too late to take your hobby to the next level with the Magsavvy magnetization system!