Slaves to Darkness Start Collecting Review

Slaves to Darkness Start Collecting Revi

Slaves to Darkness Start Collecting Revi


Slaves to Darkness Box Review

The Slaves to Darkness “Start Collecting” box was one of the first to be released by Games workshop in an attempt to lower the barrier of entry to the hobby and get new player involved. The entire Start Collecting series has been a massive success; you can read a brief review of each and every box for Age of Sigmar by clicking this link. Today we want to focus in on one in particular that really stands out as an immense value for new players: the Slaves to Darkness box set.

In this box you will receive a unit of warriors, a unit of knights, a chariot and a sorcerer. Right off the bat you get a significant savings in comparison to buying all of these components individually. The next chuck of value comes from the models themselves and how they work on the tabletop. You see, every model in this set can choose a keyword for one of the four chaos gods before the game begins. This means that your keyword synergies for specific god powers are triggering on those models This means from this one box you can build five different armies: Khorne Mortals (sysnergizing with Khorne Bloodbound), Tzeentch Mortals (synergizing with Tzeentch Arcanites), Slaanesh Mortals (synergizing with the Host of Slaanesh), Nurgle Mortals (synergizing with Nurgle Rotbringers) and a pure Slaves to Darkness army.

What this box set really offers is potential. You can build a multifaceted army that never plays the same way twice just by switching some keywords around. I highly suggest buying up to two of these boxes then investing in a warshrine to take those keywords to the next level. You can take a closer look at the models in this set by clicking here. Watch the video down below as we go further into detail about ways to the most value out of this box and bring your chaos army to life on the tabletop!