Stormcast Eternal Start Collecting Review

stormcast eternals start collecting

If you are interested in the Stormcast Eternal army then you can’t find a better set of models to get started yourself. Admittedly, the two-player Age of Sigmar starter is a better value, but if you do not have anyone to split it with then the Start Collecting box is the best place to go. In this video we will review the units you get in the box and have a great discussion about the different weapon options available. If you are interested in expanding from the Stormcast Eternal box then look to units like the Retributors, Vanguard-Hunters or Judicators. Why? Because each of those options compliments this box and provides you with some strong backbone-units. The real debate on this box is how to build the Prosecutors: with the hammers or lighting spears? We go into a bit of detail in the video but I want to affirm that there is no “Wrong” choice. Both units offer their own unique abilities and if used correctly can be extremely effective.

One thing to keep in mind with this box is unit sizes in the General’s Handbook. You see, the Retributor unit is not a complete one. Keep in mind that if your own the two player starter set (which also has an incomplete unit) that you’ll then have a full unit of 5. So this box really compliments the existing entry point already out on the market. That being said, this is still a fantastic set of models and a great way to enter the game.