Sylvaneth Paint Schemes

Sylvaneth Paint Scheme color

Sylvaneth Paint Scheme

Sylvaneth Paint Scheme color

The mysterious Sylvaneth have been instrumental in Sigmar’s war against Chaos. Led by the enigmatic Alarielle, the ancient Tree Lords and Dryads have began to hum to song of war. If you have picked up a Sylvaneth start collecting box then you are likely trying to decide on a paint scheme. While the studio schemes are beautiful in their own right, a few artists have done something truly unique. Below is a collecting of Sylvaneth paint schemes that really make an army unique and stand out on the table. Bring your army to life with one of these amazing Sylvaneth Paint Schemes.

1.) Brown And Blue

This design really dives into the ethereal aspects of the Sylvaneth. The brown and blue are a great color compliment that is easy to do and makes each aspect of the model pop on the table!


2.) Autumn Theme

This Sylvaneth paint scheme focuses on the autumn/fall color pallet. Use a lot of sot browns, oranges and reds to create a seasonal effect. in addition to using a wider color spectrum compared to the studio scheme, this really plays up the “Tree” nature of the army.


3.) The Dark Woods

Focusing on darker tones and extreme accent colors, this paint scheme looks stunning. The trick here is to have a variety of dark tones (black, brown grey etc.) with high contrast accent colors. The result is an intimidating army with a cool glow effect. Perfect for a haunted woods theme.


4.) Go Green

Another way you can differentiate from the studio scheme is to “Go Green”! By this I mean crank up the brightness and add a lot of vibrant colors. This really plays up the nature theme of the army. In fact, in the lore Alarielle creates life wherever she goes. Having such vibrant greens can go a long way to bring that lore to life!


5.) Burning Woods

While fire is not typically associated with a forest themed army, the sharp contrast in colors can make it stand out. The burning hatred of the Sylvaneth really stands out as your army marches through the fires of the Mortal Realms. Look for cool glowing effects and a wide color pallet.


6.) Cherry Blossoms

This has become a very popular Sylvaneth paint scheme. Cherry blossoms add an often unused color, pink, to the wargamers pallet The effect is a stunning and vibrant scheme that fits perfectly with the forest theme of the army.


7.) Ice Forest

If you are looking for a snow-themed army with lots of cool blues and white, then this is the Sylvaneth paint scheme for you! The ice blue tones add to the ethereal effect. The overall tone of each model compliments the snow base while not blending into it.