Tau Color Scheme

Tau Paint Color Scheme

Tau Color Scheme

Tau Paint Color Scheme

The Tau Empire is the youngest race in the 40k universe. Despite their age, the Tau have rapidly advanced in technology to the point that they pose a serious threat to the western fringe of the Imperium of Man. If you recently picked up a Tau Start Collecting box then you’ll likely be choosing a Tau color scheme to accompany them. What’s fantastic about this army is the intense science fiction aesthetic. Giant mechs, laser rifles, futuristic armor and mobile defense networks all add to the hardcore science fiction of the army. In fact, this is likely the most “Science-like” army in the 40k range. While other forces present a gritty and dystopian view of technology and civilization, the Tau are a clean, hard edged and overall bright force in the galaxy. They are on the up-swing, and now you need to find the right Tau color scheme to represent that!


1.) White And Gray

Looking for a simple Tau color scheme for a snow board? This scheme is a soft white with a grey under-armor. What makes this design so cool is that any accent color you use really pops! As you scale this design up the big mechanical suits, you’ll see those accent colors really bring the army together.


2.) Dark With A Pop!

Conversely, you can design your army using blacks and grey. This has all the benefits of the previous design, making the accent color really stand out. I would suggest you put a lot of though into that accent color, make it really bright or else this design can turn into a very boring and flt scheme.


3.) Ocher And Blue

A play on the traditional Tau color scheme, this design uses a lot more blue to add visual depth and excitement. Notice the highlights on the blue, this adds some amazing visual appeal on every surface of the model!


4.) Mostly Grey 

This is a similar vein to the first two designs but I think it is worth pointing out. Using grey as a primary color means you can add a lot of color variation by bringing shades down to black and highlights all the way up to white. The effect is a great deal of subtle depth with accent colors that bring the design to life.


5.) Green on White

Looking for something bold? A white undertone can make bright colors stand out even more! This green really makes this model pop on the table and adds to the overall bright and positive aesthetic of the Tau Empire.


6.) Green and Teal

Another bright theme that adds a lot to the army. This design is extremely simple to do or any new hobbyist while looking great on the table. I suggest a bright red or yellow as an accent color.


7.) Blue and Yellow

Use those contrasting colors to make a visually vibrant army! This Tau color scheme uses rich blues and dull yellows to make a weathered effect without compromising the “sci-fi-ness” of the model range. Looks great!