Top 10 DIY Terrain Ideas To Try This Weekend

Terrain is part of what makes wargaming so interesting and diverse. I love seeing the unique ways other players create a scene and set up a whole little world on the board; it’s part of why I got into wargaming in the first place – everything can be customizable! While there are some amazing pieces of pre-made terrain out there, it can be a fun challenge to try and create your own from stuff you already have from around the house. A lot of the following ideas use foam board – a staple in most DIY terrain projects, but quite a few of the ideas use other recycled materials. From Pringle cans to medicine bottles, cotton balls and bottle caps, and even a dedicated player who constructed a paper mache town! There’s sure to be something for everyone on this list.
Have you ever made your own terrain? Share the photos with us in the comments below!

Escape Pod

This is brilliant! What a cost effective and creative way to make unique terrain.

Tube Terrain

If you’re looking for a bit of a heftier project, this is right up your alley. I love the look of this!

Pringles To Bunker

As if I need another reason to eat more Pringles. But… challenge accepted!

Recycled Material Terrain

This is a fun challenge: if you could only use what you have around your house right now, what would you be able to create?

Paper Mache Orc Village

Now that’s dedication. This orc village might be more than just a weekend project, but it’s so cool! Can’t wait to try this one out myself.

Watch Tower Terrain

This is so creative! With just a few empty plastic containers and some glue and paint, you have your very own tower city!

Burning Tree

What an incredible technique for fire and smoke! Who would’ve thought to paint cotton balls and use them like this?

How To Make Stairs

If you’ve ever wondered how to get those perfect steps out of foam core, then this tutorial is for you. Great info!

Cracked Effect

See how to get this dried / cracked effect using wax and a hair dryer. So fun!

Boxes To Buildings

Ok, so this one isn’t 100% recycled, but I bet those boxes are cheaper than terrain!

Have you ever made your own terrain? Share the photos with us in the comments below!