Tyranid Color Scheme

tyranid color schemes

Tyranid Color Scheme

tyranid color schemes
The scourge of the galaxy, Tyranids provide some of the most robust modelling opportunities in the Warhammer 40k range. Below are some of the more interesting Tyranid color schemes from around the web. While some schemes are easier then others, all of them emphasize a different aspect of the army. Some wargamers want to focus on the insidious nature of the Tyranid swarm, choosing dark colors with a disturbing hint of realism. Others opt for extremely bright color pallets as they embrace the “fiction” in “Science fiction”. No matter what Tyranid color scheme you choose you can be sure of one thing: A fully painted Tyranid army is truly a sight to behold on the table-top. The second you move away from grey plastic you’ll see the table top come to life with a teeming swarm of the galaxies worst fears made real!


 1.) Bright and Bold

This paint scheme focuses on the more fantastic side of the Tyranids, favoring extreme colors. While some wargamers may scoff at the use of bright (almost pastel) colors, remember that several species of poisonous animals on Earth come in those same colors.


2.) Hive Fleet Kraken

Going for a design straight out of the Tyranid lore? Hive Fleet Kraken has a wonderfully simple scheme that really does not require much in the way of color choice. This design is also perfect for the dipping method, made famous by the army painter line of model dips.


3.) Hive Fleet Leviathan

Coming out of the Z-axis of the galactic plane, Hive Fleet Leviathan is a massive threat to Terra itself. It has proven to be the most adaptive and predatory of the known Tyranid hive fleets. In addition to that, Leviathan boasts the most widely recognizable Tyranid color scheme. This one requires a bit more work but the effect on the table top cannot be understated.


4.) Hive Fleet Behemoth

One of the oldest schemes in the Tyranid codex, Hive Fleet Behemoth boasts some really bold colors that will make every model pop on the table. Having the Tyranid “skin” be the bold color instead of the chitin armor is a great design choice that makes the army stand out.


5.) Black and White

This is an amazing paint scheme that attempt to capture a sense of realism to the army. Nothing bright and “cartoony”, this is a monster of pure horror. Sure, it could use an accent color to make it  “pop”, but the sheer monstrosity of this model is exactly why you play Tyranids.


6.) Almost Realistic

Going for another “realistic” design, the artist here focused on traditional flesh colors to make up the bulk of his model.  While Tyranids are not traditionally depicted as “Fleshy” the effect does wonders for making this monster seem like a creature that cold actually exist.


7.) Much like a Hornet

While not a picture of my army, this is the color scheme I’ve chosen for my Tyranids. I believe this Tyranid color scheme captures an ounce of realism with the dark colors while also a small hint of fantasy with the yellow highlights. It acts as a great medium between fantasy and realism that I think bring out the best in 40k.


8.) Make Up Your Own

This article would be remiss without an invitation to design your own Tyranid color scheme. Below is a great diagram that illustrates a bunch of color scheme ideas. Read the blurb on top and you’ll see some great tips on contrasting colors, design and shading. If you come up with a design of your own, leave it in the comments below and I’ll get it in the article.