Guide To Magnetizing Miniatures

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Wargaming Magnets can save you time and money


In this video we will explore exactly how to magnetize your collection. Here are the benefits to doing so:

  • Easily swap between weapons and accessories on each model
  • Swap between units (in the case of a dual purpose kit)
  • Detach limbs that stick out and make larger models hard to transport

For some armies, the benefits of magnetization are just too good to ignore. If you have a wide array of weapon options or units with multiple configurations, then this process is for you. In the article below we will be exploring everything there is to know about magnetization.

 What to know before Magnetizing Miniatures

It may be tempting to run out, get a drill and some cheap magnets from a craft store. However taking the time to follow the steps below will save you tons of time and heartache!


Not all drills are created equal. I highly suggest looking at a rotary tool over a common hand drill. the over all form of the tool will greatly increase your accuracy in where your drill bit actually lands. In addition, you will want a rotary tool with variable speed. This will give you full control over the power of your drill, allowing you to work carefully so as not to damage your miniatures. 

Control is the most important part of selecting your rotary tool. Since we are drilling into such tiny pieces and at such a shallow depth, we need control. Also remember that this is a power tool, so control is a safety issue as well. Purchasing a solid rotary tool for your miniature magnets is a big upfront cost, but will pay back dividends in the long run. 


Get The Right Magnets

The most common type of magnets, like those you find at a local craft supply store, do not have the power to hold together your miniatures. Magnetizing miniatures requires powerful neodymium magnets. This type of magnet is powerful enough to bind your miniature together and small enough to fit into those hard to reach areas. 

Just as dedicated hobbyists buy model-grade paints, we should also buy model grade magnets. This does not have to be expensive. Sets like this one can be bought with nearly 100 magnets for under $15. For perspective, that's enough magnets for most any project; dozens of weapon options etc. 

Always Check The Polarity

READ: Remember that opposites attract, but similar polarities repulse one another. A common mistake that new hobbyists make is to accidentally put the wrong side of a magnet in, thereby repulsing any attachments or weapons. Digging out a magnet to flip it over can easily damage your model, so be very careful!

Here at 2+Tough we have a magnet designed to fix this problem. by clearly marking the polarity of our magnets we can be sure that we never make a polarity mistake again. While it is easy to correctly magnetize a single model and its options, i can be a larger task to do an entire unit the same (to ensure that every weapon works with every model in the unit). This unique design ensures that you never make a polarity mistake again. Check out those magnets here, and scroll down for a coupon code. 

 Practice Everything!

Before you drill into your expensive model, try drilling into something else. It doesn't really matter what. Just get used to the feeling of a drill in your hand and the amount of downward pressure it take to drill out plastic. A steady and controlled hand is always the key to magnetization. 

Use Your Magnets For...

Transporting Your Models

Want to save a ton of money on transporting your army? Skip the foam case and glue a magnet to the base of each model. Then fill any container with a cheap sheet of metal (available at low cost from most hardware stores). Now your models are easy to move and cannot be damaged by the pressures that foam can produce. This is a particular great solution for larger models that may not fit well into the more common foam trays available on the market. 

Use Every Weapon!

The real reason you are magnetizing! Modern miniature kits often come with different weapon or modelling options. instead of buying an entirely new kit just to get some variety, magnetize it all. Magnetizing your miniatures ensures you get the greatest amount of value from every purchase

Want A Discount On Your Magnets?

Magnets don't have to cost a fortune. Click here and use coupon code "IAMTOUGH" for 10% off your order. These are the same magnets linked to above and have their polarities marked to ensure you never run into polarity issues again. Imagine how great it will feel to show up at the game store knowing that every weapon works for every miniature. Never waste time fumbling for attachments again!




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