A Guide to Miniature Magnets

Posted by Doug Griggs on

Are you looking for miniature magnets but are unsure of what size you need? This chart right above has the details you need to choose your sizes and begin magnetizing your models today! Magsavvy even has a unique magnetizing system to ensure you don't get the polarities confused on your next project. By marking the polarity with a red dot you can easily and swiftly get your army and accessories magnetized and ready for battle!

For example, say you wanted to magnetize a set of crisis suits from the Warhammer 40k Tau army. If you place each magnet onto the chassis with a red dot showing then you simply magnetize each weapon option with a blank side facing you. By doing this you know that every single weapon will work on every single crisis suit since all of the polarities match! Remember this: One red and you're ready. Soon you'll have your wargaming army fully magnetized and ready to take to the battlefield. Click any of the sizes below and check out what makes Magsavvy so unique!

1/16 X 1/32 Magnets for small soldiers and hand weapons

3/32 X 1/16th Magnets for large infantry and heavy weapons upgrades on soldiers

3/16 X 1/16th Magnets for turrets, missile launchers and minor vehicle upgrades

1/8 X 1/16th Magnets for large vehicle options and cannons

Here is a helpful review of the Magsavvy magnets via unboxing video. Get a good look at the product and know exactly what you are buying!


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