Basing Tutorial for Deadlands Mat

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If you have recently purchased your own Deadlands Gaming Mat then this article will guide you to match your model bases to your new war zone. Below is a step by step guide to make every model base fit seamlessly with the mat design. If you like what you see and don’t yet have a Deadlands Clash Mat of your own, you can follow this link and get your very own. 

Tools to Begin

1 Drybrush (size depends on the size of bases you are creating)

The following Citadel Paints

  • Stirland Battlemire
  • Stegadon Scale Green
  • Russ Grey
  • Fenrisian Grey
  • Ulthuan Grey
  • Pallid Wych Flesh


This tutorial makes heavy use of a miniature painting technique called “Dry Brushing”. This is one of the most basic painting techniques for beginners. If you would like a quick overview of what Dry Brushing is and how to use it, please see the video below. Going forward, directions will call out the use of Dry Brushing, simply reference this video if needed.

Step One: Texture

Using Stirland Battlemire we are going to create the 3D texture of our bases. Apply this liberally until you achieve a nice, rocky surface that aesthetically matches the mat. This is typically the longest step as this texture paint takes longer to dry then more common paints. Be sure to allow up to 45 minutes of drying time depending on how thick you applied the texture. 



Step Two: Base Color

Now that your base is dry and firm it is time to apply the base color of the mat. Stegadon Scale Green is a fantastic base paint with good coverage. Be sure to apply two thin layers and make sure you get every little crack and nook




Step Three: Begin Building Up Medium Tones

Using the dry brush technique we discussed above, apply a fairly heavy layer of Russ Grey. Always be sure to leave some hints of the previous color visible. Russ Grey will add a much needed grey hue to the base.




 Step Four: Medium Highlights

Fenrisian Grey is a fantastic paint that bridges the gap of grey and blue that is present on the Deadlands Gaming Mat. All steps going forward are optional, but do not skip the Fenrisian Grey! Apply another Dry Brush layer, leaving some Russ Grey visible.




Step Five: Higher Highlight 

Applying another, even lighter, dry brush layer of Ulthuan Grey really makes the texture “pop” off the base. Now you can clearly see the depth and height of the Stirland Battlemire.




Step Six (Optional): Extreme Highlights

To add even more visual variety, an extremely light dry brush layer of Pallid Wych Flesh will do. This will continue the work that Ulthuan Grey did; add depth, height and color variety.




Going Even Further

If you want to add even more variety to your bases, diversify how you do the steps above. Adding stronger highlights of Ulthuan Grey or Russ Grey can dramatically change how the bases look while keeping them cohesive. This means you can have a rich and diverse army that all still match the battlefield they are standing on!

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