3/16" x 1/16" MagSavvy Miniature Magnets

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  • Perfect for all things Warhammer and all miniatures gaming
  • One Red Ready. Two Red Dead.  Our North pole makes it next to impossible to place your magnets in a repelling configuration
  • Attach weapons systems and components quickly and easily
  • Comes complete with a drill bit sized exactly for the magnets
  • Drill bit has a complete life-time warranty. You break it, dull it, or somehow otherwise send it to the Warhammer scrap yard, we'll replace it

 Are you ready to get the most from your hobby? The Magsavvy system is just the trick to getting the most out of every purchase. Not only do you get a drill-bit and guide, but each and every magnet has the northern pole marked with a little red dot. Why? So you will never get the polarity wrong by mistake again! These magnets make quickly magnetizing your tank or Lord of War a breeze.